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Team SammyLunaDesigns
This is us.

The hobby turned into a job.

Hello! or is it "Servus"? - At least that's what we say in Bavaria.

I'm Chantal and in the picture next to me you can see my two favorite dogs, Luna (left) and Sammy (right).

The dog leashes in the well-known stores, but also in the big online retailers were either too long, too short, didn't last long and the seams came loose after a short time or just didn't look good. And so I looked around for the best way to make my own leashes and collars... And so began the SammyLunaDesigns journey...

how it all started

May 2021

Sammy moves in

After all the errands and preparations to make our apartment in Nuremberg "puppy-friendly", Sammy moves in as a small brown Labrador puppy.

July 2021

We're moving

Although Sammy loved being carried down and up from the fourth floor of the old building with the laundry basket, after a short time we move with our puppy to new 4 walls with a garden and a direct connection to the forest.

October 2021

Luna moves in

As if one puppy wasn't enough. After much deliberation we decided on a second puppy.

December 2022


After a lot of puppy experience and the argument whether a collar or harness, a long or a short leash, etc. is better suited for upbringing and dog training, it quickly became clear:

Tailored to our training and our upbringing, we need individual dimensions and different lines in different situations.

So we continued to expand our own production of leashes and collars and founded SammyLunaDesigns so that we can also offer our products to other dog lovers.