Return information

You were sent the terms and conditions for cancellation by email when you completed your order. You can find the current version of this at any time here: Right of withdrawal

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal. During this time window (from receipt of the goods) you can cancel the purchase contract as normal.

Individual products may be excluded from this. This only applies to products that are precisely tailored to the customer's requirements and therefore the customer's regulations are relevant.

Such articles are:

  • Personalized products (e.g. with dog names)
  • Custom-made items (fixed, non-adjustable collars)
  • *Design Your Own* products (products according to individual customer specifications/requests)
  • Items that were made at the customer's personal request and are not part of the shop's overall range listed (e.g. individual orders via a personal order link)
The 100-day guarantee is available for every dog ​​leash/collar .

Note: Deliberately damaging the item and then filing a complaint is not an effective measure to get a new item. We photograph/document every single product before shipping.
Please report any existing damage to us immediately and make a complaint.

How do I return the item?

Please pack the items you are returning carefully and securely so that they are not damaged during transport. It's best to use the original box for this.

  • Enclose the return form with the shipment
    No printer? Send us the form together with the tracking number by email or WhatsApp.
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Download return form

You are welcome to contact us in advance via the shop chat or by email.

We also offer a free shortening service for collars . For rope collars that are ordered too small, we will be happy to remake your collar for a small fee.

Testing the item/condition

In principle, you can test the item in the same way that it would have been possible in a store. In the event of further or longer use and any associated damage, signs of wear or soiling, we grant ourselves the right to demand appropriate compensation or a cleaning fee. The amount of the compensation is determined on a case-by-case basis and will then be offset against the refund. We ask that you handle the goods carefully. Testing the item for its nature, properties and functionality should not go beyond what is “necessary”. Material properties are also sufficiently explained in the respective product description. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

For leashes & collars... a fitting on the dog in a home environment (house, garden, street in front of the door, etc.) is usually sufficient to test the appropriate size, material properties and properties (size, weight, appearance, Comfort). Contamination or damage caused by external influences (scratches, dragging on the floor, dog biting, wear and tear on the carabiners/rings, increased use outdoors/in everyday life, etc.) must be avoided when returning, as this reduces the resale value. This is usually not necessary for testing the (tow) leash or collar and assessing the quality of the product. Our 100-day guarantee is available for material defects.

    We only list the usual deductions as a guide:



    Slightly scratched carabiners/rings/buckle 15%
    (Medium to Severe) scratched carabiners/rings/buckle 40%
    Single, light scratch in the main material 25%
    Single, medium-heavy scratch in the main material 50%
    More than 2 scratches in the main material 40%
    Dirty rope or paracord rope 35%
    Dirty biothane/webbing 20%
    Removing the logo/leather emblem 5%
    Opening the screw connections, per screw 10%
    Several dog hairs on the material 10%

    Tolerance values

    Since these are mostly hand-made and individually made-to-order items (leashes & collars), certain tolerance deviations in dimensions cannot be ruled out due to production reasons. However, we strive to deliver as close and precise as possible to the ordered size, down to the centimeter.

    Dimensional deviations within the following tolerance values ​​do not constitute a reason for complaint. However, this does not affect the right of withdrawal.

    Item type Tolerance values
    Collars +/- 1.5cm
    Leash length +/- 10cm

    We describe how to correctly measure a neck or head circumference in our measuring instructions . This type of measurement is crucial. We offer various collar templates to check neck circumferences. These templates can be used to check the neck circumference of the closed collar.

    PDF download button

    True-to-size templates that can be printed out for comparison to the existing collar or to check the dimensions.

    Please do not compare the collar with other manufacturers or collars. This is usually of no significance, as each manufacturer sets the dimensions and tolerance limits differently and the type of measurement depends on the collar type. Be sure to avoid measuring with an open collar. There are some design-related differences, which is why it is not comparable and has no meaning.

    We always specify leash lengths from the beginning of the carabiner (human side) to the end of the carabiner (dog side) when not hooked.

    Individual (made-to-measure) production

      What counts as individual (made-to-measure) production and may be excluded from return?

      Every collar and dog leash is made individually and to order by us. However, this does not legally count as an individually manufactured product.

      The following products are legally considered individual or custom-made and are therefore excluded from exchange and return:

      • Rope collar with a fixed size made to the size of your dog
      • Personalized products (e.g. collar)
      • Items made/modified on individual request
      • *DESIGN YOUR OWN* products

      In individual cases, please contact us so that we can find a suitable solution for you. If the item is in new condition, we can, in individual cases and as a gesture of goodwill, enable a return by issuing a shop voucher instead of a refund.

      Exclusion of complaints

      The following circumstances are excluded from the complaint and do not constitute a reason for a complaint:

      • Squeak of the carabiners
        Remedy: The squeaking may be annoying, but it does not represent a quality defect in itself. This can happen if the carabiners have been stored for a long time, are dirty (e.g. sand) or have been exposed to a lot of moisture and humidity. You can easily use a dry lubricant spray from the hardware store (PTFE from Ballistol approx. €4.50) or a comparable silicone oil spray (protects even better against moisture). We generally oil the carabiners again during production.
      • Wear and tear on metal goods (carabiners, buckles, rings, etc.)
        The metalware/saddlery is usually polished or painted with a “surface finish” to a high gloss. This layer can wear away over time. This is unavoidable due to natural friction.
      • Fat leather patina formation (lightening, creases, wrinkles, abrasion, scratches)
        Our naturally oiled greased leather forms a so-called “patina” over time. A patina formation is often desired and is a good quality feature.
      • Real brass blackout
        Oxidation can cause real brass to darken over time. This is a normal process of brass.
      • Leaking oil/grease on the carabiner
        As a precaution, we grease each individual carabiner before it is shipped. Different lubricants may be used here, which can add some extra grease if necessary. (PTFE dry lubrication & silicone spray) If the carabiner is a little greasy, simply wipe it with a standard household cloth and dry it.