Schleppleinen für Hunde in verschiedenen Designs

Tow lines made of Biothane and PVC webbing

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Safe & reliable tow linesmade of webbing & biothane in different colors, widths and lengths.

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Schleppleine BioThane Art in Neon-Orange
Multifunctional | 5-20m
Any dog ​​size - with removable hand strap
From €44,40
Schleppleine mit abnehmbarer Handschlaufe in Pastell Lavender
Multifunctional | 5-20m
Any dog ​​size - with removable hand strap
From €44,40
Schleppleine HEXA Gummiartiges Material in Apricot
Only small dogs
For dogs up to 15kg, rubbery, very light
From €31,90
Schleppleine für Hunde in Minzfarben.
16mm wide - for dogs over 15kg
From €34,90
Hunde Schleppleine von SammyLunaDesigns in schwarz
Length & width adjustable
16mm/10mm wide
From €34,90
Schleppleine in Apricot-Farbe für Hunde
16mm wide - for dogs over 15kg
From €34,90
Schleppleine mit Handschlaufe in Beige
16mm wide - for dogs over 15kg
From €34,90
Schleppleine antiker Look in Beige
Special Edition | Antique
16mm wide - for dogs over 15kg
From €38,90

Tow lines made of Biothane and PVC webbing for leash and dog training

What's this text about?

We will inform you about the areas of application of a towline , as well as the points that you should consider when choosing a towline. We take into account length, size, width, material and individual needs.

Why do I need a Biothane/PVC webbing towline?

Dog draglines are an essential tool for many dog ​​owners. They offer optimal control during training and are particularly useful for long-distance work, such as recall exercises. These special dog leashes offer a unique blend of freedom and control that is often missing from traditional leashes.

In our online shop you will find a carefully selected collection of biothane and webbing towlines that are not only functional but also extremely resistant and durable .

Dog draglines are much more than just accessories for dog owners. They embody safety, training and bond building between dog and owner. In a market flooded with numerous dog accessories, drag leashes stand out for their versatility. Here are a few reasons why every responsible dog owner should have a leash in their dog wardrobe.

Security at a distance

With a dog towing leash , owners can give their dogs space without losing control. This is particularly useful in open areas where the dog cannot yet be reliably retrieved. This means your four-legged friend can explore without running the risk of running away.

Effective recall training

The recall exercise is one of the most important commands in everyday dog ​​life. With a drag leash , owners can train this exercise effectively because they always have control over the dog's distance and withdrawal.

Bond promotion

By allowing the dog to explore in a safe way and at the same time interacting with him through targeted exercises, you strengthen the bond between dog and owner . The towline makes it possible to create shared experiences that promote trust .

Adaptation to different training phases

With different lengths of drag leashes available - from 5m to 20m - dog owners can adapt training depending on their progress and environment.

Biothane towline for robustness and longevity

Biothane is a patented material from the USA that has become increasingly popular in recent years. With a leather-like feel and often referred to as "the best alternative to leather" , it has very positive properties. The Biothane towing lines are waterproof, dirt-repellent and retain their color over a long period of time even after intensive use. Our Biothane dog towing lines are therefore ideal for outdoor training sessions, whether in sun, rain or snow.

PVC webbing: flexibility and strength in one

In the world of dog training, PVC webbing drag lines have become an essential tool. More or less you can almost say that PVC webbing is the European counterpart to Biothane. Often compared to Biothane drag lines, these specialized leashes offer a combination of strength, flexibility and durability that is ideal for both large and small dogs.

What makes PVC webbing so special?

PVC webbing is known for its high tear strength and resilience to various weather conditions. Unlike other materials, it retains its shape and strength even after prolonged use. It is waterproof and easy to clean , making it particularly practical for outdoor training sessions.

What is the difference between PVC webbing and Biothane?

While Biothane towlines are popular for their smooth surface and weather resistance, PVC webbing offers a rougher texture that is often perceived as being more grippy and manageable. This can be particularly useful when the handler needs to quickly pick up or adjust the dog towline .

The robustness of PVC webbing makes it an ideal choice for strong, large dogs that have a lot of pulling power. At the same time, it is flexible and light enough to be comfortable even for small dogs . This versatile nature has led to PVC webbing towlines becoming increasingly popular.

Biothane remains slightly softer in extreme cold (zero temperatures) and does not stiffen as much as PVC webbing. Both materials are ideal for making dog towing leashes.

Towing leash adapted to your dog

Diverse selection for individual needs

We know that every dog ​​and every training situation is unique. That's why we offer our drag lines in different lengths: from 5m for short distances and precise exercises to 20m for extensive training areas.

Depending on your needs and your dog's preferences, you can choose between several Choose widths: the slim 10mm and 13mm versions or the standard, robust 16mm version . Our range is constantly being expanded, so it's worth checking back often.

Carabiners that do what they promise

Another highlight of our towing lines is the adapted carabiner. Depending on your dog's weight, we offer different carabiner sizes. This not only guarantees maximum safety, but also ensures that the leash always fits perfectly on your four-legged friend.

Depending on the width selected and the specified dog weight - larger/smaller 25kg - we automatically determine the correct carabiner for you and your furry friend so that you are always reliably protected.

Which towline should I choose?

Choosing the right tow leash can make all the difference when it comes to training your four-legged friend effectively and safely. Material, length and handling play a crucial role. This guide will help you choose the correct towline for your needs.

  • Consideration of the material
  • The right length
  • Adjust the width and carabiner accordingly to the dog
  • Handling and care

Select the correct length

Towing lines come in different lengths. For starters and for training in tighter areas, a shorter leash of 5m or 7.5m may be suitable. For advanced training or in wide fields, lengths of 10m to 20m are ideal. Think about what exercises you want to do with your dog and how much space he needs.

Width and carabiner should suit the dog

The width of the towing leash often depends on the size and strength of the dog. Large dogs may need a sturdier, wider leash. Smaller dogs, on the other hand, need a lighter leash that is not too heavy for the dog. Also think about the carabiner: it should be stable and suitable for your dog's weight. With us at your side, you already have a professional here. We will select the correct carabiner for you, which is one of several reasons why you should buy your next towline from SammyLunaDesigns. We also offer small-width, low-weight towing lines that have been specially developed for small dogs .

Care & Handling

A good dog towline should not only be sturdy, but also easy to handle and maintain. Our models can be easily cleaned under running water or with a damp, standard household cloth. An easy-care option that requires little time and effort.


The PVC webbing dog towline is an excellent investment for any dog ​​owner. Their resistance to the elements, combined with their versatility for both large and small dogs , makes them a preferred choice for many. Although Biothane has its own advantages, PVC webbing offers a unique blend of grip and durability that makes it a top choice in the tow line world. Biothane is not behind this and is just as suitable for processing into a high-quality towing line. However, when it comes to price-performance ratio and grip, the PVC webbing is a little ahead.

If you are looking for a durable and reliable dog tow leash that will work for both your large Labrador and your small Dachshund, then one made from PVC webbing could be just the thing for you.

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