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Leash *DESIGN YOUR OWN* (Biothane®)

Handcrafted to order

exkl. shipping costs

Water repellent
100 day guarantee
Bacteria resistant
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Reliable processing
Popular due to its antibacterial and water-repellent properties
Made from original Biothane® - no fake Biothane
No color fading
Modern workmanship for the best appearance
Service promise: Every carabiner is personally oiled before shipping
The Biothane colors "Gold, Silver, Light Gold & Rose Gold" contain light glitter particles in the material.
delivery time: 4 - 8 working days
3-4x faster compared to other handicraft manufacturers
Product description

Dog leash configurator

Original Biothane® dog leash

A popular all-rounder among dog leashes

You can put together your dream leash yourself from BioThane. BioThane is a proven material that has all the positive properties of leather, but simply leaves out the bad properties! That's why it's so popular with dog owners.

The best features

The dog leashes made from Biothane are all easy to care for and can be cleaned without any problem. All you need to do is hold the line under water or wipe it with a damp cloth. Theoretically you can wash them at 30°C, but this will rarely be necessary.

✔ Dirt-repellent material
✔ Bacteria and water resistant
✔ No odor absorption
✔ Easy to care for and suitable for all weathers
✔ Long durability
Safe processing & high quality
Our lines are adjustable several times...

and are manufactured with the greatest care, hand-made and of the best quality in our own factory.

We screw our lines with book screws and additional screw safety adhesive for maximum reliability.

Leash length adjustability
140cm 2-fold
From 200cm 3-fold
You can display additional colors using the buttons under “Select color direction”. Depending on which color direction you select there, other colors will be displayed when selecting the color below.
Webbing dog leash sizes

Which line width is correct?

For minis under 8kg

If your dog is very small and petite (e.g. Chihuahua, Pug, Bolonka, Miniature Dachshund) and weighs less than 8kg, we offer an extra thin version of our leashes.

Dogs over 8kg body weight

In principle, in the end it is also a matter of taste. The weight classes given are guidelines only. A 35kg Labrador can be walked properly on a medium or large/wider leash. Very leash-active and pulling dogs could be somewhat easily controlled with the wider leash. You know your dog best.

If you are unsure, write to us at any time, for example via the online chat in WhatsApp!

Width Weight 2m leash
Narrow 13mm approx. 140g
Universal 16mm approx. 175g
Wider 19mm approx. 210g
[ + Inhalt ausklappen... ]

Here you can find further material and additional information.

Used material
  • This leashwill withHigher quality & more corrosion resistantSaddlery made.
  • The ones usedscrewsareadditionally with thread locking adhesivesecured.
  • BioThane® | Original & patented material
General information
- Correct leash attachment

The end of the leash with the ring integrated immediately after the carabiner belongs on the dog side.

- metal goods

Screws, carabiners, rings and buckles are exposed to constant friction. This is a natural process and can hardly be prevented with dog leashes. Our “hardware” is pre-treated differently depending on the color and therefore has different abrasion resistance. Basically, we use metal alloys of very good industrial quality, which have a very high corrosion resistance. (Very robust against rust formation). Every hardware used is checked and tested before use. You can find the specific hardware used in this product listed above.

  • Painted hardware (black): Most vulnerable, the paintwork can rub off over time.
  • Copper-plated hardware (rose gold): Low susceptibility.
  • Brass plated hardware (golden look): Low vulnerability.
  • Real brass hardware (gold): No vulnerability
  • Silver Hardware: No vulnerability
Disclaimer product photos

Color deviations in the display are possible and depend on the calibration of your display. We try to represent the colors as realistically as possible and so far we have only received positive feedback.

A dog leash is part of the basic equipment and is used daily. Therefore, signs of wear and tear are a completely normal occurrence in the long term.

With proper care & use, SammyLunaDesigns linens will last for several years.


You can simply run the material under water or wipe it with a damp cloth. Avoid using strong, aggressive cleaning products. If it is very dirty, you can help with a little neutral soap or liquid detergent.


Wipe dry roughly with a lint-free cloth and then let it air dry. Avoid heating, hairdryers and dryers.

Carabiner care

Greasing: We recommend regular oiling at intervals of approx. 6 months or after intensive washing processes. If you spend most of your time near salt water, this recommendation is reduced to shorter distances depending on your needs and local conditions.

Cleaning: After spending time on sandy beaches, for example, check that the carabiner is properly closed.

In general: The classic bolt carabiners are known for blocking themselves with grains of sand. The scissor carabiners, however, less so. If necessary, simply clean the carabiner under running water.

Product-specific questions
  • How safe is this dog leash?

This dog leash from SammyLunaDesigns is 100% securely screwed. Our screws are all additionally secured with a high-quality screw locking adhesive from a well-known manufacturer. Loosening the screw on your own is therefore almost impossible.

General information about dog leashes
  • How long do you need to make my leash?

Since we make all of the linen ourselves by hand and the selection of colors available is enormous, we often have to order the desired color from the supplier first. If we already have the materials in stock, it usually takes between 1-3 working days, otherwise as stated under "Delivery times", until your leash leaves our factory.

  • I would like to exchange one color for another

Write to us via WhatsApp or email with your change request. Since we manufacture to order, the desired change should not be a problem.

We also offer configurators, where you can configure your leash 100% yourself.

To the configurator

  • What leash length do I need for my dog?

This depends on your training goal or your personal taste and the use of the leash. If you are very motivated and often train with your dog on a leash, then we recommend a maximum leash length of 200cm. If you want to hang the leash around your neck, we recommend a length between 240cm - 300cm depending on your body type. For dogs that pull heavily on the leash, we recommend 180cm-200cm.


The lengths are always given when the leash is open. Measured from carabiner to carabiner.

The lengths of retriever leashes are always to be understood without the neck of the leash. The space required for the head/neck loop is then added.


Please use our measuring instructions and do not base your measurements on sizes from other manufacturers or collars.

For measuring instructions

Avoid these mistakes

  1. Dog was lying there
  2. It was not measured closely
  3. Measure your own on an existing collar
  4. Estimates & inaccurate readings
  5. The majority tends to measure too generously

Measure correctly

Measure neck circumference

  1. Get the dog to “stand” or “sit”.
  2. Place a flexible tape measure at the collar point
    (alternatively: cord/thread/shoelaces)
  3. Pull the tape measure tightly
    Note: Do not use the famous “two-finger buffer rule.” Make sure you measure snugly.
  4. Read the value (or measure the length if using a cord). We recommend carrying out another test measurement.
  5. Note the note below about adding a “feel-good buffer.”
With a tight rope collar
💡 Please do not add a buffer . We automatically manufacture your rope collar with a 2cm buffer. So just enter your measurement result.

With any other adjustable collar
You can add another 1-2cm buffer and then determine the size you need and select accordingly in the product.

If your size overlaps with another size (e.g. M and L), we recommend choosing the larger one. It is also possible to make an intermediate size. To do this, select the “larger” one in the product and write your desired intermediate size in the note field in the shopping cart.
Do you want to be 100% sure?
Download our collar templates and use them to check one of your existing collars.
PDF download button
True-to-size templates that can be printed out for comparison to the existing collar.

Measure head circumference

  1. Get the dog to “stand” or “sit”.
  2. Place a flexible measuring tape around the widest part of the head - often directly in front of the beginning of the ears
    (alternatively: rope/cord/thread/shoelace)
  3. Tape measure tight pull
  4. Read/mark value, carry out test measurement if necessary - round up decimal values

💡 If you use a tape measure alternative such as string, thread, shoelaces, you can then measure the marked length on the string with a ruler.

Picture instructions for measuring dog neck and head circumference
Icon Garantie

Always be satisfied with our guarantee

We are convinced of our quality and workmanship and want you to be too. That's why we give you a 100-day guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials.

Icon Mix and Match

Mix & Match - Find the right collar

A collar does not always have to have the same look. Combine what you like best. You will automatically receive a “Mix & Match” discount on every collar and leash combination in your shopping cart .

With our “Design-Your-Own” configurators you can put together your desired colors.

Icon Länge

The leash length depends on you

In the store you are often limited to one length - just the way it is hanging on the shelf.

At SammyLunaDesigns you can choose from several different lengths and choose exactly the right length for you and your dog.

Our lengths are always stated from carabiner to carabiner when open .

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Simone W.
Edle Leine

Tolle Farbgestaltung, gut zu halten

Biothane Leine im Set

Hallo, habe die Leine mit Halsband gekauft. Von Abwicklung bis zur Lieferung super transparent. Produkt einfach toll! Danke!

Einfach TOP

Material und Farbe sind wunderschön, auch Sonderwünsche werden sofort realisiert. Gerne wieder. Sehr netter Kontakt.

Josephine M.

Super Leine 👍

Danke für deine Bewertung, das freut uns sehr❤️

Top Leine - gute Qualität

Sieht gut aus. Farbe wie auf den Bildern. Die Leine ist schön griffig und wird gerne genutzt.

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