Paw print products as a souvenir and gift idea

Great memory of the dog time

Capture the most beautiful moments with your dog - with our XXL paw print sets.

The perfect gift idea for dog owners.

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Unforgettable dog memories: paw prints for eternity

Capture the most beautiful moments with your four-legged friend - with our unique XXL paw print sets for dogs ! Immortalize the print of his paw easily and cleanly, even if your darling is one of those four-legged friends with particularly large paws.

It's that easy:

  • Choose your favorite design: We offer a variety of templates on which you can immortalize your dog's paw print. Check out our wide selection of designs in the All Paw Prints category.
  • Press your paw onto the ink pad: The extra-large ink surface of our pad offers enough space even for dogs with XXL paws . The ink is applied to a film in the frame and colors your dog's paw without making it dirty .
  • Place the paw print on the form: Gently press your dog's paw onto the form. The ink will transfer and you will get a perfect print that reproduces even large paw motifs in great detail.
  • Give your memory a personal touch : let your creativity run wild! You can add your name, the date or a personal message to the print as you wish. For example, create your own A4 poster with your dog's print as a lasting memory .

Our XXL paw print sets are the perfect gift:

  • For all dog lovers, no matter what size the four-legged friend is
  • On the birth of a puppy
  • Saying goodbye to your beloved four-legged friend
  • As a souvenir of a special moment

With our sets you get:

  • High-quality XXL ink pad with non-toxic ink
  • Various forms to choose from
  • Easy to use without mess
  • An unforgettable memory of your dog that perfectly captures even large paw prints

Order your XXL paw print set now and create lasting memories of your loyal companion!

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