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Double-sided A4 form
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XL Ink Pad
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Stylish reminder of your four-legged friend
For framing in standard picture frames
Ink pad special size - suitable for every paw size
Double-sided pre-printed with different designs
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Paw print set with A4 poster

The paws stay clean

With this paw print set from SammyLunaDesigns you can create unique ink prints of your loved ones. With our ink pad the paws stay completely clean.

You will also receive a professional form in DIN A4 format , which you can use as a poster and template for your paw print. You can even choose two different designs , as the form is printed on both sides.

Printed on both sides
Paws stay 100% clean
A4 format - perfect as a decorative object
Ink color = Black
Harmless to humans & animals
XL ink pad - also for large paws

3-4 paw prints possible with one set

With one ink pad, 3-4 prints are possible. If the prints are small dog or cat paws, then even more may be possible.

What makes our ink pad different from others

We offer you a special size of ink pad so that it is big enough for a large dog paw . Many comparable offers often use ink pads that are too small and are only suitable for cat paws, babies or very small dog paws.

Our solution allows you to easily stamp a small or large dog paw .

What you can expect

  • 1x XL ink pad for reliable prints
  • 1x A4 form for independent framing

You can frame the prints in any standard A4 picture frame.

Download instructions
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Du bekommst geliefert:

1x online manual
1x Ink Pad "XL"
1x A4 form printed on both sides with a different design (if you select the "double pack" you will receive two of these A4 forms)

Beachte die Produktbeschreibung, um weitere Informationen über das Produkt zu erhalten.

Hinweis zur Rückgabe:

Personalisierte und bedruckte Ware ist vom Umtausch und der Rückgabe ausgeschlossen.

Aus hygienischen Gründen, kann auch das Basic-Kit ohne Personalisierung nicht zurückgegeben werden, sofern es verwendet oder geöffnet wurde.

Onedetailed instructionsyou can find theDownload as PDFat theEnd of this text.

Quick start Guide:

  1. Place the A4 form on the floor (hard surface, no carpet)
  2. Position the "ink pad" on the desired print location. The side with the red "stop sticker" should face down towards the paper
  3. Lift your dog's paw slightly and slide paper including the ink pad under his paw position.
  4. Lower your paw again and, without lifting it, press it slightly to the left, right, front and back on the ink pad.

The ink print is still wet and can therefore still rub off. So pay attention to your floor and use a mat (kitchen paper, etc.) if necessary.

Download instructions

  • Is the ink harmful to health?

Definitely not - the ink is completely safe for humans and animals of all ages. The ink pad was originally developed for newborns and is therefore officially approved as a children's toy.

  • Do you also offer matching picture frames?

No, unfortunately not at the moment. For logistical reasons and the individuality of every home's interior design, we have deliberately refrained from offering picture frames. The print cards fit into any standard picture frame.

  • How difficult is it to use the ink pad?

A real piece of cake - we are confident that anyone can achieve a satisfactory result without much effort. Of course, it also depends a little on your dog. Even if your dog is a little fidgety and suspicious - just express that on the print - after all, you want to remember your darling as he is and you can even express one of his character traits in this way.

  • Is this really possible without making a mess?

Absolutely yes! - The ink pad is stretched using a thin, stretchable film. The film is only printed with ink on one side. Your four-legged friend's paw only touches the unprinted side of the ink pad and therefore remains completely clean.

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