We are convinced of our quality and our products. Therefore, we provide our customers with a comprehensive warranty for 100 days from the date of purchase.

What does the 100 day guarantee include?

The 100 Day Guarantee protects you against unforeseeable defects in materials or workmanship for 100 days after your purchase. So you are always entitled to a functioning and error-free product during this time and, if necessary, you can have errors/imperfections repaired under the guarantee.

The guarantee is valid for the following product categories:

  • Dog leashes
  • Dog collars

100-day guarantee protection package from:

  • Cracking/tearing of the main material
  • Breaking carabiners, rings, buckles, screws (saddlery)
  • Rust formation
  • Mildew & mold

What is not included?

  • Wear and tear of carabiners, rings etc.
  • Paint chips due to improper use
  • Shipping
  • Willful/intentional damage
  • Defects after repair measures carried out by the buyer
  • Squeak of the carabiner

The prerequisite for enforcing a warranty case is always the proper and proper handling of the item.

Please note the following care instructions:

    • Preferably store the products indoors
    • Please air dry after washing or the product has been soaked
    • Do not use a dryer
    • Wash at a maximum of 30°C in a laundry bag/net
    • Avoid permanent wetness and humidity

    Please note that a guarantee is a voluntary commitment on the part of the retailer.