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About SammyLunaDesigns

SammyLunaDesigns is your online shop for top quality handmade dog leashes & collars.

We produce stylish premium quality leashes and collars in our own small factory. Here you will find sophisticated products made from various materials such as Biothane®, paracord, rope and greased leather for your dog. We also offer custom-made products and one or two accessories for dogs. All of our specially manufactured products are always developed for everyday suitability and robustness. We ourselves own two dogs - Sammy & Luna - who enjoy the variety of colors and a "Pawt'ner" look with us every day.

Find your favorite set and see for yourself our high quality standards.

Quality - workmanship - service

We source our material from neighboring European countries and are therefore of high quality, tested and robust.

Be careful with products that are too cheap

Many competitors offer similar products. However, these are often of inferior quality. Visually, the products give an excellent and similar impression , but this impression usually diminishes when the product is used. After a few weeks of continuous use at the latest, the first problems become noticeable. Seams come loose, the supposed “biothane” cuts into your hands or tends to slip out of your hand, becomes brittle, brittle and loses its color.

Rope “China vs. EU”

Ropes are often manufactured with a visually appealing rope sheath - this is similar to that of our "premium ropes" - but crucial fabric density (inner core material) is saved . These ropes come from the Far East, are put together differently and are of low quality.

  • Inferior rope inner core affects the robustness & durability
  • Breaking load too low
  • Quick and easy deformation of the rope (flattening)
  • Fraying too quickly

Be careful with “Biothane” offers

Above all, the market is flooded with bad Biothane fake products from the Far East. Biothane® is a patented high-tech polyester fabric and is manufactured by BioPlastics Company.

BioThane® is now a trendy product and very popular with dog owners. There are a large number of offers that seem tempting and cheap. The products look like Biothane, but there is no Biothane in them. "Anyone can look beautiful..."

The disadvantages of most imitations

  • Color fades quickly
  • Extremely slippery when wet
  • Feels more like rubber
  • Low breaking load, quickly bitten through
  • Only lasts a short time
  • Brittle, brittle after a short time

Our materials

We use original BioThane® and a fairly equivalent European product "PVC webbing" . The materials differ only very slightly in the composition of their inner workings . Webbing has proven to be the most popular among dog owners after Biothane®. Some customers prefer PVC webbing over Biothane® due to its slightly higher slip resistance. Others prefer the slightly softer Biothane®. We find both to be of high quality and use them in the appropriate place.

Proven Quality

We adequately test the material properties using our own quality assurance against robustness, UV radiation, moisture, cold and heat fluctuations. Our suppliers carry out the breaking load tests .

Look & feel

And if we're honest... It's just a good feeling when you can shop for your dog's wardrobe in just as many colors as your own :)

A passion

Just as big as the passion for dogs, the passion for really cool and stylish dog leashes and collars has now become very big.

Our claim

For us, a dog leash must also be practical, functional and suitable for everyday use - just looking beautiful is not enough for us. We therefore invested a lot of time in development and standardization. Even though each piece remains unique due to our handwork, every step in the production process has been carefully considered.

The development

There was a lot of tinkering and testing until we were happy with the end result. For example, this was about the attachment points of the adjustment points of a dog leash, the length dimensions of a perfect everyday & training leash, suitable calculation formulas to be able to deliver the exact size of your dog collar that was ordered and so much more. In the end, great products were created that can now be expanded further and that you can't just find in the corner store or in the pet store.

our range

Our goal is to bring high-quality dog ​​leashes and collars onto the market that provide long-term enjoyment for the dog owner and the dog but still remain affordable. With the targeted use of high-quality materials in the necessary places and one or two fine-tunings to the design, we think we have succeeded quite well.

Product defect occurred?

No problem! - We have the solution for this.

If your dog leash or dog collar has a product defect that is due to a material defect or an error in the processing or manufacturing of your product, you are covered.

We guarantee every customer and buyer that they will receive flawless goods. Real people are behind the production of your unique piece, so of course there can be a small error. In this case, we guarantee you an uncomplicated process for a free repair or replacement and exchange of the item. Promised.

Find out more about our 100-day guarantee here.

Chantal von SammyLunaDesigns

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Real handwork

We produce our own products lovingly and carefully by hand in our own small factory.

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