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Essential oils
Universal size
External effect
Water resistant
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Without chemicals - 100% natural ingredients
Supports the natural defense against ticks, fleas, lice, mites and their larvae
Depot effect - absorption of fragrances via sebaceous glands
Universal size - suitable for every dog ​​size
A strong lemon-eucalyptus smell is normal in the first few days.

Supports the natural tick defense from the outside.
delivery time: 1 - 3 working days
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Product description

Anti tick collar & flea collar

Effective protection for your dog with 100% natural ingredients made from essential oils. This brown tick collar from SammyLunaDesigns not only helps against ticks, but also keeps fleas, mites, lice and mosquitoes away.

A very good way to keep ticks and unwanted insects away. The tick collar is a herbal and chemical-free preparation that follows the external approach . It can therefore also be used to support internal prevention against ticks.

Up to a maximum of 6-8 months effect
External prevention against ticks etc.
For every dog ​​size - Can be cut to size
Water contact = No problem
Supportive effect for the tablet

Given a tablet but still have ticks in the fur?

Many dog ​​owners know this problem! Despite the administration of chewable tablets, you cannot completely get rid of these annoying parasites. They still get lost in your dog's fur and bite. Even if it doesn't last long.

How it works

This tick collar reduces exactly this residual risk. The anti-tick collar, which initially smells very strong, prevents tick infestation through an external effect.

Essential oils are incorporated into the material of the collar, which gradually release their scents to the outside via your dog's sebaceous glands . The collar acts like a small depot, so to speak, and continuously releases the scents in small quantities. The parasites don't like the smell at all and avoid this area.

Since the essential oils are incorporated into the material, the tick collar is water-resistant and remains effective even after contact with water !

The collar smells very intensely of lemon eucalyptus for the first few days. This is due to the intensification of the essential oils and the airtight packaging at the same time. The smell, which is somewhat annoying for many, subsides after 2-3 days. However, this does not affect the effect.

Recommended for best effect

Wear all day
Wear tightly
Replace after 4-5 months (possibly sooner if there is frequent contact with water)
This product cannot be returned after opening the airtight foil packaging.
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Single pack: 1 tick collar
Double pack: 2 tick collars

  • Are the ingredients harmful to health?

No, the ingredients are safe for your dog in this quantity. However, your dog should not chew on the collar.

  • Does this collar cause intolerances or allergies?

The tick collar is allergy-friendly. So far we have not had any incidents of a dog reacting with intolerance to the herbal ingredients.

  • How do I adjust the size?

The anti-tick collar has stepless fastening points. Put the collar on your dog and simply cut off the excess strap. Use a standard pair of household scissors to do this.

  • Does the collar smell bad?

The collar smells very strong for the first few days. This disappears in the first two days. Some dog owners find the smell annoying, others don't. In the long run, most customers don't find the smell annoying.

  • What does the collar smell like?

The main scent is composed of lemon eucalyptus.

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