B-stock collar rope pull stop cement gray

Handcrafted to order
€17,95 €32,95

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  • Halsumfang 40cm oder kleiner

  • Max. Kopfumfang 49cm

  • Infinitely adjustable

  • Anti-Zug-Halsband

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Safe & Reliable
Perfectly fitting collar thanks to infinitely adjustable options
High-quality rope rope tested according to OEKO-TEX-100
Handcrafted in our own factory for the best safety and workmanship
Es handelt sich hierbei um ein B-Waren-Produkt
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Product description

B-goods dog collar

Tau train stop in cement gray

What does B-goods mean to us?
For us, B-goods are items that can no longer be sold as new due to one or more defects. We point out in the description of each product why it is offered as B-stock.
The reasons can be varied, but none that would affect the safety or the basic quality & stability of the material.

Most of the time there are the following reasons:
  • Dimensions are not correct / in between sizes
  • Scratches in the material
  • Quality assurance not passed (e.g. due to minor optical defects)
  • Manufacturing defects (cosmetic defects in the material)
  • Unused returns that can no longer be sold as new

Specific defect/reason

  • No defect, prototype / outlet goods
There is no shortage, but we do not have space for this product in our future range.

Product description

Rope pull stop collar made from one piece of standard rope. Suitable for dogs with a maximum head circumference of 49cm (or smaller).

Thanks to the flexibly adjustable pull stop, the neck circumference size can be infinitely adjusted and reduced as desired. The largest neck circumference setting is 40cm. We therefore recommend this collar for dogs with a neck circumference between 40cm and 35cm.

✓ Antu pull collar with pull stop limiter
✓ Beautiful saddlery in shiny gray
✓ Stepless adjustment option

Width: 10mm
Neck circumference: less than 40cm
Max. head circumference: 49cm

Ring Color: Gun Metal Gray Shiny
Sheaf: Cement gray rope with anthracite rigging
Neck circumference: 40cm or smaller, infinitely adjustable

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Product Material:

    Avoid these mistakes

    1. Dog was lying there
    2. It was not measured closely
    3. Measure your own on an existing collar
    4. Estimates & inaccurate readings
    5. The majority tends to measure too generously

    Measure correctly

    Measure neck circumference

    1. Get the dog to “stand” or “sit”.
    2. Place a flexible tape measure at the collar point
      (alternatively: cord/thread/shoelaces)
    3. Pull the tape measure tightly
      Note: Do not use the famous “two-finger buffer rule.” Make sure you measure snugly.
    4. Read the value (or measure the length if using a cord). We recommend carrying out another test measurement.
    5. Note the note below about adding a “feel-good buffer.”
    With a tight rope collar
    💡 Please do not add a buffer . We automatically manufacture your rope collar with a 2cm buffer. So just enter your measurement result.

    With any other adjustable collar
    You can add another 1-2cm buffer and then determine the size you need and select accordingly in the product.

    If your size overlaps with another size (e.g. M and L), we recommend choosing the larger one. It is also possible to make an intermediate size. To do this, select the “larger” one in the product and write your desired intermediate size in the note field in the shopping cart.
    Do you want to be 100% sure?
    Download our collar templates and use them to check one of your existing collars.
    PDF download button
    True-to-size templates that can be printed out for comparison to the existing collar.

    Measure head circumference

    1. Get the dog to “stand” or “sit”.
    2. Place a flexible measuring tape around the widest part of the head - often directly in front of the beginning of the ears
      (alternatively: rope/cord/thread/shoelace)
    3. Tape measure tight pull
    4. Read/mark value, carry out test measurement if necessary - round up decimal values

    💡 If you use a tape measure alternative such as string, thread, shoelaces, you can then measure the marked length on the string with a ruler.

    Picture instructions for measuring dog neck and head circumference

    For light dirt, it is usually sufficient to briefly clean the collar with water. The ropes have a dirt-repellent rope cover.

    If it is very dirty, you can gently wash the rope collar in the washing machine or by hand at 30°C. To do this, use a laundry bag/laundry net so that your drum remains protected from the hard metal.

    Hand washing also works very well and is usually quicker. Simply prepare a tub/bucket with warm water and some detergent and soak the rope collar in it for 5-10 minutes. If necessary, help gently with a lint-free cloth/rag. This is gentler and our recommendation compared to the washing machine.

    In general, avoid:

    - Water solutions containing salt (e.g. dishwasher tab)

    - Fabric softener

    - Aggressive cleaning agents


    Simply let the collar air dry. Avoid heating, hairdryers and dryers. The ropes dried relatively quickly.

    • I'm afraid that I'll measure my neck circumference.

    If you have followed our measuring instructions, you can hardly go wrong. However, if you want to be 100% sure that the collar will fit to size, then we offer templatesDownload & Printat.

    You can easily cut these out with scissors and use them to measure an existing, perfectly fitting collar. However, please make sure that the existing collar is not set in a setting that is too loose. It should be really tight.

    • I don't have a tape measure at home, how can I measure?

    Take a piece of string; if necessary, you can simply use the shoelace on your shoes. Place this snugly around your dog's neck, taking the fur into account. Note or mark the location of the measurement and then measure the length of the cord up to your mark. (Please make sure that you measure from the correct side of the cord - simply the distance that went around the dog's neck).

    • What if my collar is too big?

    We offer a free shortening service and can shorten the collar accordingly. The return shipping to us is on you, the shortening service & re-shipping to you is on us.

    You can contact us at any time by email or WhatsApp chat and we will initiate this service for you.

    • I'm looking for a specific color but can't find it.

    No problem, either write to us or search in our PDF color palette. This is available for download at the end of every shop page in the footer or in the side bar menu under "Help".

    • Is the collar safe enough for my dog?

    Absolutely - Our rope collars are all sewn with extra strong and tear-resistant polyester sewing thread and the rope ends are also welded together. This means that the entire collar is absolutely resistant to material degradation and rot.

    The principle of every collar is of course that it cannot be pulled over the dog's head when closed and the size is therefore appropriate. However, this is a requirement for all collars.

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