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OEKO-TEX®100 rope
100 day guarantee
Water & weatherproof
As a pull stop variant - perfectly fitting collar thanks to infinitely adjustable options
High-quality rope rope tested according to OEKO-TEX-100
Handcrafted in our own factory for the best safety and workmanship
Our subsequent adjustment service is available for collars that are ordered too small or too large.
delivery time: 7 - 10 working days
3-4x faster compared to other handicraft manufacturers
Product description
A perfect pull stop collar for your dog
This dog collar contracts as the leash tension increases up to the tension limiter and then automatically expands again when the leash is relaxed. You can flexibly adjust the size for the head and neck circumference yourself.

The collar can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit your dog's neck circumference.

Adjustable O-ring to limit tension
Unlike most of our competitors, we do not use a rope knot, but rather an extra O-ring with a bar for easy adjustment of the pull limit.

  • Suitable for all weather
  • Washable at 30°
  • Soft rope
  • Suitable for my dog?

    💡 There should be at least 5cm difference between the head circumference (widest part of the head, including ears if necessary) and the (narrowest) neck circumference.

    👉 We need the circumference of your dog's head to determine the minimum size of the collar. 

    You can use our measuring instructions for this. We also recommend specifying the neck circumference.

    🏁 The final size of the collar = your measured one Head circumference + some buffer (approx. 2cm)

    in a set with rope line

    You will receive the matching leash with an identical look as a separate product. As soon as you have both products in your shopping cart , a set discount will automatically be applied.

    Buy as a standard collar?

    The standard collar is a fixed, non-adjustable collar that is made to fit your dog perfectly and precisely. You must specify the neck circumference.

    [ + Inhalt ausklappen... ]

    Avoid these mistakes

    1. Dog was lying there
    2. It was not measured closely
    3. Measure your own on an existing collar
    4. Estimates & inaccurate readings
    5. The majority tends to measure too generously

    Measure correctly

    Measure neck circumference

    1. Get the dog to “stand” or “sit”.
    2. Place a flexible tape measure at the collar point
      (alternatively: cord/thread/shoelaces)
    3. Pull the tape measure tightly
      Note: Do not use the famous “two-finger buffer rule.” Make sure you measure snugly.
    4. Read the value (or measure the length if using a cord). We recommend carrying out another test measurement.
    5. Note the note below about adding a “feel-good buffer.”
    With a tight rope collar
    💡 Please do not add a buffer . We automatically manufacture your rope collar with a 2cm buffer. So just enter your measurement result.

    With any other adjustable collar
    You can add another 1-2cm buffer and then determine the size you need and select accordingly in the product.

    If your size overlaps with another size (e.g. M and L), we recommend choosing the larger one. It is also possible to make an intermediate size. To do this, select the “larger” one in the product and write your desired intermediate size in the note field in the shopping cart.
    Do you want to be 100% sure?
    Download our collar templates and use them to check one of your existing collars.
    PDF download button
    True-to-size templates that can be printed out for comparison to the existing collar.

    Measure head circumference

    1. Get the dog to “stand” or “sit”.
    2. Place a flexible measuring tape around the widest part of the head - often directly in front of the beginning of the ears
      (alternatively: rope/cord/thread/shoelace)
    3. Tape measure tight pull
    4. Read/mark value, carry out test measurement if necessary - round up decimal values

    💡 If you use a tape measure alternative such as string, thread, shoelaces, you can then measure the marked length on the string with a ruler.

    Picture instructions for measuring dog neck and head circumference

    Here you can find further information about materials & co.

    Used material
    • This collarwill withHigher quality & more corrosion resistantSaddlery made.
    • ropeafterOEKO-TEX-100® standard
    General information
    - No size comparison with other manufacturers

    Please do not transfer the sizes of other manufacturers to our sizes. Each manufacturer states their sizes slightly differently.

    How to find the right size - Measure the neck circumference using our instructions (if necessary, also using our printable measuring templates).

    Download stencils

    - Correct collar fit

    The collar fits correctly if you can still clamp 1-2 finger widths between the neck and the collar. The collar can still be under tension. Many dog ​​owners tend to adjust the collar too loosely.

    - metal goods

    Screws, carabiners, rings and buckles are exposed to constant friction. This is a natural process and can hardly be prevented with dog leashes. Our “hardware” is pre-treated differently depending on the color and therefore has different abrasion resistance. Basically, we use metal alloys of very good industrial quality, which have a very high corrosion resistance. (Very robust against rust formation). Every hardware used is checked and tested before use. You can find the specific hardware used in this product listed above.

    • Painted hardware (black): Most vulnerable, the paintwork can rub off over time.
    • Copper-plated hardware (rose gold): Low susceptibility.
    • Brass plated hardware (golden look): Low vulnerability.
    • Real brass hardware (gold): No vulnerability
    • Silver Hardware: No vulnerability
    Disclaimer product photos

    Color deviations in the display are possible and depend on the calibration of your display. We try to represent the colors as realistically as possible and so far we have only received positive feedback.

    • I'm afraid that I'll measure my neck circumference.

    If you have followed our measuring instructions, you can hardly go wrong. However, if you want to be 100% sure that the collar will fit to size, then we offer templatesDownload & Printat.

    You can easily cut these out with scissors and use them to measure an existing, perfectly fitting collar. However, please make sure that the existing collar is not set in a setting that is too loose. It should be really tight. We also add approx. 2cm buffer to your measurements. So specify the tight neck circumference.

    • I don't have a tape measure at home, how can I measure?

    Take a piece of string; if necessary, you can simply use the shoelace on your shoes. Place this snugly around your dog's neck, taking the fur into account. Note or mark the location of the measurement and then measure the length of the cord up to your mark. (Please make sure that you measure from the correct side of the cord - simply the distance that went around the dog's neck).

    • What if my rope collar is too big?

    We offer onefree shortening serviceand can shorten the collar accordingly. The return shipping to us is on you, the shortening service & the re-shipping to you is on us.

    You can contact us at any time by email or WhatsApp chat and we will initiate this service for you.

    • I'm looking for a specific color but can't find it.

    No problem, either write to us or search in our PDF color palette. This is available for download at the end of every shop page in the footer or in the side bar menu under "Help".

    • Is the rope collar safe enough for my dog?

    Absolutely - Our rope collars are all sewn with extra strong and tear-resistant polyester sewing thread and the rope ends are also welded together. This means that the entire collar is absolutely resistant to material degradation and rot.

    The principle of every collar is of course that it cannot be pulled over the dog's head when closed and the size is therefore appropriate. However, this is a requirement for all collars.

    • What if my rope collar is too small?

    We will make your collar new for you. Please contact us and let us know the correct size. You can also use this service via ourReturn formbook & perceive.

    If we have taken the wrong measurements and the size does not match the size you ordered, then this service will remain free of charge for you. Note our statedTolerances& ourMeasuring instructions. Then nothing can go wrong.

    You should get the collarordered too shortthen unfortunately we are forced to have oneFlat rate fee of €10to be charged. However, if we have made the measurement incorrectly for you, this service is free of charge for you. To check your collar you can use ourDimensional templatesuse.

    General information about collars
    • How long does it take you to make my collar?

    Since we make all of the collars ourselves by hand and the selection of colors available is enormous, we often have to order the desired color from the supplier first. If we already have the materials in stock, it usually takes between 1-3 working days, otherwise as stated under "Delivery times", until your collar leaves our factory.

    • I would like to exchange one color for another

    Write to us via WhatsApp or email with your change request. Since we manufacture to order, the desired change should not be a problem.

    We also offer configurators where you can configure your collar 100% yourself.

    To the configurator

    • How should a collar fit?

    There is no reliable indicator for this, but we can give you a few helpful tips:

    1. Safe, comfortable & yet not too loose.

    2. It should not be able to be pulled out over your head.

    3. Do not determine whether a collar fits while lying down.

    4. Forget the "2-finger rule", it's nonsense and way too imprecise. You can still get them underneath when it's too tight and also when it's too loose.

    5. Set the collar to the tightest setting for your dog - so that it is clearly too tight for your dog. Now move forward one step at a time.

    As soon as it no longer really "sticks" to the neck and has some room for maneuver, you should no longer make it larger. It should turn without much problem.

    A collar is part of the basic equipment and is sometimes used 24/7. Therefore, signs of wear and tear are a completely normal occurrence in the long term and cannot be avoided.

    We'll give you a few tips on how to best care for the collar.


    For light dirt, it is usually sufficient to briefly clean the collar with water. The ropes have a dirt-repellent rope cover.

    If it is very dirty, you can gently wash the rope collar in the washing machine or by hand at 30°C. To do this, use a laundry bag/laundry net so that your drum remains protected from the hard metal.

    Hand washing also works very well and is usually quicker. Simply prepare a tub/bucket with warm water and some detergent and soak the rope collar in it for 5-10 minutes. If necessary, help gently with a lint-free cloth/rag. This is gentler and our recommendation compared to the washing machine.

    In general, avoid:

    - Water solutions containing salt (e.g. dishwasher tab)

    - Fabric softener

    - Aggressive cleaning agents


    Simply let the collar air dry. Avoid heating, hairdryers and dryers. The ropes dried relatively quickly.

    Carabiner care (rope collar)

    Greasing: We recommend regular oiling at intervals of approx. 6 months or after intensive washing or lots of bathing fun. If you spend most of your time near salt water, this recommendation is reduced to shorter distances depending on your needs and local conditions.

    Cleaning: After spending time on sandy beaches, for example, check that the carabiner is properly closed.

    In general: The classic bolt carabiners are known for blocking themselves with grains of sand. The scissor carabiners, however, less so. This is what we usually use with our rope collars. If necessary, simply clean the carabiner under running water.


    Please use our measuring instructions and do not rely on sizes from other manufacturers.

    Do not measure your existing collar lengthwise. This is far too imprecise because it depends on other factors. Only measure it when closed & then only the inner circle.

    We provide printable templates, which are the most accurate way to determine the size of an existing collar. (printer required)

    Download stencils


    The lengths are always given when the leash is open. (Measured from carabiner to carabiner).

    Icon Robuste Qualität

    Robust quality for a long time

    We use robust, tried-and-tested quality for our collars. Compared to many other providers, our buckle straps do not tear out in the long term.

    Our sewing thread is of premium brand quality and is made of extra-strong and elastic polyester - for the highest tear resistance.

    Icon Maßband

    Determine the correct size using our templates

    We take away any uncertainty you may have when determining the collar size you need.

    With our printable templates you can easily and safely determine the neck circumference.

    Icon Farbe

    Try new colors

    Try something new and be more daring with your color choices.

    Bright colors look particularly good on dogs.

    We would be happy to advise you on this too, just write us the breed and coat color.

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