Dog leashes for small and large dogs

Robust & multi-adjustable dog leashes for large and small dogs

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Biothane Hundeleine selbst gestalten - Beispiele Design your own
Design it Yourself
Made of BioThane®
From €44,90
Tauseil Hundeleine mit Ledertakel antiker Look
From €49,79
Retrieverleine Moxonleine Agilityleine in verschiedenen Farben konfigurierbar bei SammyLunaDesigns
single-colored rope
Hundeleine Biothane Sports Olive Neon Orange
From €49,90
Hundeleine Kletterseil Tauseil Seegrün Pink
Rigging color selectable
From €53,45
Hundeleine in Beige mit kontrastreicher Takelung
From €47,79
Hundeleinen aus Gurtband konfigurieren
Selbst gestalten
PVC-Gurtband aus der EU
From €44,90
Hundeleine Paracord X Gurtband in Schwarz-Gold Creme von SammyLunaDesigns
Biothane-Art x Paracord
From €65,49
Biothane Leine in komplett Schwarz
Made of BioThane®
From €44,90
Hundeleine in Rotbraun aus Paracords und Biothane
Biothane® x Paracord
From €59,49
Tau Leine einfarbig Basic
Color selectable
From €34,90
Tau-Retrieverleine in Dunkelgrün Beige für den Hund
Premium rope
From €54,45
Paracord Hundeleine
Selbst gestalten
From €75,90
Hundeleine Camouflage-Anthrazit in antikem Messing Look
Premium rope
From €55,45
Hundeleine aus Tauseil | Segeltau mit goldenen Elementen in der Farbe Dunkelblau von SammyLunaDesigns
From €49,49
Hundeleine Paracord und PVC-Gurtband
Biothane-Art x Paracord
From €58,49
Moderne Hundeleine aus Tauseil / Segeltau mit goldenen Elementen von SammyLunaDesigns
Premium rope
From €62,49
Tau Hundeleine in Seegrün Kupfer Look
From €53,79
Biothane Sports Leine Minz Flash
From €48,90
Hundeleine Paracord und Biothane Kombination Braun
Biothane® x Paracord
From €59,49
braune Tau Hundeleine Gold Rot
Rigging color selectable
Premium rope
From €54,49
Tau Retrieverleine Schwarz Rose-Gold
Premium rope
From €53,45
Tauseil Leine in bunter Farbe
From €47,79
Tau-Leine Hundeleine aus Premium Tau-Seilen
From €52,49
Retrieverleine Gold-Braun aus Premium-Tauseil
Premium rope
From €53,45
Hundeleine Tauseil Guacomole
From €52,49

Various dog leashes in the SammyLunaDesigns online shop

Welcome to our large selection of dog leashes where quality and style meet. As a proud dog owner, you know how important a robust, durable and stylish dog leash is.

Our leashes are not only a practical tool for everyday walks with your dog, but also a statement of your appreciation for craftsmanship and sustainability. We still manufacture ourselves in our small factory in Bavaria. Selected materials of the highest quality are used for all dog leashes in order to meet the requirements for a robust and safe dog leash.

Here you will definitely find your individual and practical dog leash for everyday life or for a very special occasion .

What types of leashes are there?

Lead lines

Leads not only provide control during dog training or on busy streets, but also the comfort needed to strengthen the connection between you and your dog. At best, they can be adjusted several times and can therefore be flexibly adapted to your needs.

The leashes from SammyLunaDesigns meet these requirements.

What makes our leashes special?

Material & craft : Our leashes are made from high-quality materials such as biothane, paracord, rope, PVC webbing and greased leather. Each leash is processed by hand, giving it an individual touch and additional stability.

Functionality : With an optimal length, our leashes not only offer safety, but also enough space for your dog to move. At the same time, they ensure that you remain in control in every situation. You can adjust the length of your leash yourself at any time.

Waterproof properties : The dog leashes from SammyLunaDesigns are all suitable for contact with water and are therefore all waterproof and washable (with the exception of greased leather). This makes our leashes an all-weather dog leash, so to speak. A sudden rain shower or a spontaneous swim in the lake? No problem!

Retriever leashes / anti-pull leashes

The retriever leash , often also referred to as a moxon leash or retrieving leash, is a special type of dog leash that is particularly characterized by its functionality and easy handling. It combines a collar and leash in a single product.

Which dog leash is the right one?

The question of the "right" dog leash cannot be answered in general, as it depends heavily on the individual needs of the dog owner, the behavior and size of the dog and the intended use. Here are some considerations and tips for finding the right leash for you and your four-legged friend and what questions you should ask yourself:

  • Purpose of the leash?
  • Material or appearance more important?
  • Dog size and temperament?
  • Dog age & walking on a leash?
  • Urban area or more rural?

If you like to train with your dog and the dog is still learning to walk on a leash, we recommend using a leash that is not too long. For us, a leash length of 180cm - 220cm worked best as a training and functional leash. If you like to hang the dog leash around your body and use it as a shoulder leash , you can choose the sizes 240 & 260cm.

In urban areas, you should opt for a shorter leash so that you can control the dog better and correct it more quickly. For dog walks with lots of space, wide paths or in rural areas, choose a slightly longer leash.

A dog leash serves its purpose as long as it:

  • Allows control over the dog
  • can be adapted to the situation (adjustable)
  • Made of robust and durable material
  • can also hold large weights

The lines from SammyLunaDesigns meet all of these requirements.

Which leash for dogs that pull strongly?

Do not use a leash that is longer than a maximum of 220cm.

We recommend a line length of 180cm and lines from our "Biothane x Paracord" collection.

If your dog is very small and weighs less than 8kg, we recommend a light leash made of rope.

Which dog leash is right for me and my dog?

Biothane leash

Discover our sustainable yet stylish Biothane linen. These are known for their durability and almost leather-like look, combined with the benefits of a water-repellent material . This patented material is made in the USA.

PVC webbing leash

In the diverse world of dog leashes, PVC webbing stands out due to its special properties. This is a modern leash variant that is particularly popular with dog owners who value functionality and durability. It is very close to the Biothane material and has almost identical properties. This material is manufactured in the EU and is “an offshoot” of Biothane.

Paracord leash

Our paracord lines are not only a visual highlight, but are also extremely durable and elaborately crafted. Four different paracord ropes are intertwined, which makes the paracord dog leash particularly tear-resistant and stable . The breaking loads of the ropes are extremely high, which makes the leash one of the most tear-resistant and safest dog leashes . If handled well, the leash will - with a lot of luck - even last the dog's life. High-quality & original EU & US paracord ropes from well-known manufacturers are used.

Rope line

Rope leads, often simply referred to as “rope lines” or “leash made from climbing rope” , have always been a symbol of robustness and timeless elegance in the dog world. These leashes are made from durable rope material and combine traditional craftsmanship with modern requirements for a dog leash. Washed once at 30°C and the leash looks like new. Uncomplicated & simply good. Due to the light weight of the ropes, the rope leash is particularly popular with dog owners of smaller dogs .

Grease leather leash

For those who are looking for something special with leather content, we offer leashes in a combination of PVC webbing and greased leather. These materials are known for their robustness and durability and will last a long time. The soft, greased leather adds the finishing touch to the look.

Where can I configure my own leash?

You can put together the colors of many of the dog leash models yourself using one of our configurators.

Which leash for very small dogs?

For small dogs, it is important to ensure that the carabiner and leash material are in proportion to the dog's weight. Of course, we have also tried to offer a suitable line segment.

  • We also offer Biothane leashes in a thinner version with a width of 13mm . This not only reduces the weight of the leash, but also makes it easier and easier to store the leash, for example in a bag.
  • Rope lines generally have a low weight. We offer a thin version with a width of 8mm also for small to very small dogs.

The carabiner size is also adjusted according to the selected leash width so that the dog leash is in proportion to the dog's size.

You are welcome to leave additional notes about your dog in the note field provided during the ordering process.

    What should I pay attention to when buying a leash?

    • Make sure that the material used is of appropriate quality, tear-resistant, safe and robust.
    • The weight of the leash should be selected based on the size of the dog.
    • Your dog's character and how he walks on a leash should influence the choice of leash length
    Unfortunately, cheap imported goods are often marketed as high-quality premium leashes, after which the first defects appear after a short time.
    Discover our linen types