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Zugstopphalsband aus Tauseil, Segeltau in braun und Vintage Gold von SammyLunaDesigns
Premium rope
Zugstopp Halsband aus Tauseil bzw. Segeltau in Karamell Blau von SammyLunaDesigns
Biothane Anti-Zug Halsband Zugstopp in Minzgrün
From €42,49
Hundehalsband aus Tauseil / Segeltau in der Farbe Beige-Gold
Hundehalsband Tauseil Sea Green Kupfer Personalisiert
Premium rope
Zugstopp Halsband Biothane Sports Puderrosa x Lila
From €42,49
Anti-Zug-Halsbans Biothane Sports Schwarz-Rot
From €42,49
Zugstopp Halsband Biothane Rotbraun
From €42,49
Zugstopp Biothane Halsband in Petrol Blau
From €42,49
Biothane Zugstopp Halsband Dunkelgruen
From €42,49
Zugstopp Halsband BioThane Sports
Made of BioThane®
€37,95 €48,39

Buy secure pull stop collar at SammyLunaDesigns

Exclusive selection of pull stop collars: functional elegance meets handcrafted quality

Our range of pull stop collars is unsurpassed in its variety and individuality. Here you will find a selection of different dog collars from prefabricated designs or completely to configure and create yourself using one of our configurators. We offer the right pull stop collar made from lightweight, yet robust premium ropes or from the Biothane material, which is very popular and valued by dog ​​owners. Your search for the ideal anti-pull collar that combines practicality, comfort and design ends here at SammyLunaDesigns.

What is a pull stop collar?

The special thing about the pull stop collar is its dual function: It combines the comfortable fit of a regular collar with the corrective effect of a training band. In situations where your dog begins to pull, the collar will automatically tighten without choking, while providing a gentle but effective correction. The focus is on showing your dog in a loving way that relaxed walking on a leash is more pleasant for both sides.

Biothane pull stop collar: For adventurers and connoisseurs

Biothane is particularly popular with outdoor enthusiasts due to its water-repellent and robust properties. A Biothane pull stop collar is not only a loyal companion in any weather and terrain, but is also particularly easy to care for. Thanks to a large selection of different widths of Biothane straps, the pull stop collar made of Biothane can be perfectly adapted to the dog's neck and selected specifically for the dog's body type, which positively contributes to optimal protection of your pet's dog's neck. The visual aesthetics and feel of Biothane add another feature to the anti-pull collar that makes it an essential accessory in dog equipment.

Discover our Biothane pull stop collars from our Biothane Sports collection .

Rope collars: handmade unique pieces with character

In the variety of our Tauseil pull stop collars you will find individual designs and a variety of colors that you could not have imagined better. We primarily use rope of unsurpassed premium quality for our pull stop collars, so that you can benefit from the best possible quality and its robustness for a long time. The rope is not only OEKO-TEX 100 Standard certified and therefore carefully tested and guaranteed to be safe for you and your four-legged friend, but also represents an attractive option for your "retriever collar" due to its durable and gentle nature.

Every single pull stop dog collar is handmade and therefore unique that underlines your dog's personality. The lightweight and comfortable rope ropes are welded together and additionally sewn securely and repeatedly with extra strong and tear-resistant sewing thread. To ensure that your pull stop collar looks visually appealing, we refine it with a strong coating made of tear-resistant nylon cords in your desired color selection.

How to choose the right pull stop collar

In the diverse world of anti-pull collars, choosing exactly the right model for your four-legged friend can be a challenge. Whether with the elegant rope look or the robust durability of a Biothane collar - the search for the optimal pull stop collar for your dog should focus on both aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

When choosing your pull stop collar, pay attention to the following points:

Size and fit

The correct size is essential to ensure comfort and functionality of the pull stop collar. Carefully measure your dog's neck and head circumference and make sure that the collar is not too tight to avoid choking and discomfort, but also not too loose that it will not be effective. SammyLunaDesigns also offers different collar widths to suit the dog's proportions.
To do this, use our measuring instructions “Correctly measure the neck circumference and head circumference” .

Determining the correct head circumference is particularly important here because no one wants to buy a pull stop collar that cannot be pulled over the dog's head because it is too small.

All pull stop collars from SammyLunaDesigns can be made infinitely smaller.

Material selection

Whether biothane or rope - each material has its own advantages. While Biothane is particularly durable and easy to care for, Tauseil impresses with its natural, soft texture and aesthetic appearance. Consider your dog's habits and your own needs to choose the right material.

You can simply wash Biothane under running water and is particularly easy to care for.

Rope collars, on the other hand, can be machine washed at 30°C in a laundry bag.

Both types of pull stop collars are suitable for everyday use. Regardless of whether it is water, dirt or UV sunlight - both variants are resistant to these impressions and are considered very resistant to these environmental influences.

Design and color

Your dog is unique and the collar can emphasize that. Choose colors and designs that not only appeal to you, but also suit your dog's coat color and stature.

A well-chosen collar emphasizes the natural beauty of your four-legged friend and makes him the star of every walk. Of course, you can also choose several color combinations at the same time, let your creativity run wild here.

Why not arrange your four-legged friend's collar colors according to the season and the color of your favorite jacket? Choose your favorite colors yourself using one of our collar configurators.

Security aspects

The pull stop collars from SammyLunaDesigns meet all animal welfare requirements. Each of our anti-pull collars has a reliable pull limiter so that your furry friend's dog neck always remains protected even under enormous pulling forces.

You can find out more about animal welfare-compliant collars here

If you have any questions or uncertainties, we are always at your side to advise you and your dog on the way to finding the right pull stop collar.

The right pull stop collar for every dog

From size to design: When it comes to our selection of pull stop collars, we make sure that there is the right one for every dog. Regardless of whether you are looking for a Biothane pull stop collar for your water-loving Labrador or a gentle but robust pull stop collar made of rope for your curious beagle - meeting your needs and those of your four-legged friend is our mission.

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