Dog collar for large & small dogs

Find your high-quality collar made of rope, biothane, paracord, greased leather etc.

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Hundehalsband in braun aus Tauseilen und Leder
Triple rope x webbing
From €52,49
Biothane Sports Halsband Neon Orange Olive
Made of BioThane®
From €43,95
Tauhalsband Demo für Konfiguration
single-colored rope
Halsband Biothane Sports Konfigurator
Design it Yourself
Made of BioThane®
From €44,95
Hundehalsband mit Paracord in der Farbe Apricot und Olive
Webbing x Paracord
From €45,49
Paracord PVC-Gurtband Halsband schwarz-gold
Biothane-Art x Paracord
From €48,49
Hundehalsband aus Biothane und Paracord, gemustertes Seil
Biothane x Paracord
From €47,49
Halsband aus Tauseil verstellbar in dunkleblau
Triple rope x webbing
From €49,79
Wasserabweisendens, zweifarbiges Halsband aus Biothane-Art - Design your own bei SammyLunaDesigns
Selbst gestalten
PVC-Gurtband aus der EU
Biothane Sports Halsband in Minze
Made of BioThane®
From €43,95
Triple-Tau Halsband Tauseil Tartan Gold Beige
Triple rope x webbing
From €51,79
Hundehalsband Tauseil Sea Green Kupfer Personalisiert
Premium rope
Paracord Biothane Halsband Powder Tan Rose Gold
Biothane x Paracord
From €47,49
Tauseil Halsband Camouflage Anthrazit
Triple rope x webbing
From €47,79
Hundehalsband Tauseil Triple-Tau in Seegrün Rosa-Grau
Rigging color exchangeable
Triple rope x webbing
From €49,79
Hundehalsband aus Tauseil / Segeltau in der Farbe Beige-Gold
Zugstopp Halsband aus Tauseil bzw. Segeltau in Karamell Blau von SammyLunaDesigns
Hundehalsband aus Fettleder in rosa und braun
Oiled leather x webbing
Halsband Paracord mit Biothane in Rosa Orange
Biothane x Paracord
From €47,49
Hundehalsband Paracord Biothane Anthrazit
Biothane-Art x Paracord
From €48,49
Halsband Paracord Biothane Bronze Braun
Biothane® x Paracord
From €47,49
Hundehalsband schwarz-grün verstellbar
Triple rope x webbing
From €49,79
Hundehalsband Zweifarbig aus Biothane-ähnlichem Material
PVC-Gurtband aus der EU
From €41,49
Hundehalsband aus Tauseil in rot
From €39,79

Discover our premium dog collars – quality & style for your four-legged friend

Welcome to our online shop, where quality and style go hand in hand! Discover our diverse range of handmade dog collars, perfectly tailored to the needs of your loyal furry friend. From robust collars for large dogs to delicate yet sturdy collars for small dogs – with us you will find the perfect accessories for every type of dog without compromising on safety and stability.

A variety of materials for every requirement: Biothane, PVC webbing, rope and more

Our dog collars impress not only with their versatility, but also with the selection of first-class materials to ensure the safety and comfort of your four-legged friend. Choose:

Biothane collars

Robust, waterproof and easy to clean - ideal for adventurers and water lovers. The original from the USA from the manufacturer Biothane-USA.

PVC webbing

Stable yet flexible – for everyday, uncomplicated use as well as suitable for many adventures and water adventures. The European product and counterpart to Biothane.

Rope/climbing rope

Exclusive and yet particularly durable - for a stylish appearance in a wide range of colors and particularly suitable for the smallest dogs due to its low weight.

Biothane with paracord rope cover

Paracord ropes are not only popular in the outdoor and survival world, but have also found a permanent place in everyday applications, crafts, and fashion. Here too, we refine our Biothane collars with a rope jacket made of extremely safe and tear-resistant paracord ropes. For all dog owners who would like to buy their dog a slightly wide collar. But even small dogs don't have to do without these trendy collars. We have developed an extra small version for you starting from size XXS, so that your mini dog can also benefit from it.

How do I choose the ideal collar?

Choosing the right dog collar is an essential element to your four-legged friend's well-being and a necessity for every responsible dog owner. It's about much more than just a fashion accessory - it's about safety, comfort and control on all your adventures together. But what should you pay particular attention to when choosing a collar for your dog?

Safety first: Robust materials and workmanship

Choosing a collar begins with considering the quality of the materials and workmanship. Materials such as Biothane , PVC webbing , and high quality ropes provide a solid base as they are known for their durability and durability. Robust workmanship ensures that the collar can withstand the proverbial “pull of life”.

Comfort for your four-legged friend: perfect fit and adjustability

Your dog’s comfort should always be a priority. A collar that fits and can be easily adjusted ensures that your dog feels comfortable and does not experience skin irritation or uncomfortable pressure.

We therefore know how important comfort is for your dog. Our dog collars are therefore adjustable in several ways to ensure an individual fit - with the exception of our rope collars , which are precisely made to measure to guarantee an optimal fit.

Design and individuality: aesthetics meets functionality

A stylish collar is not only an eye-catcher, but can also offer functions such as pull-stop mechanisms or waterproof properties. Your dog can shine in a fashionable and functionally optimized design, which is available in various materials and designs. You can let your creativity run wild, especially with our rope collars.

Versatility: Collar options for every size and every occasion

Whether you're looking for a collar for small dogs or a sturdy model for larger breeds, the versatility on offer opens up a world of options. Take into account your dog's specific needs and the planned activities, whether for everyday life, training sessions or outdoor adventures. We certainly have the right collar for your dog.

Dog behavior and characteristics also determine the collar type

Your dog's behavior and character contribute significantly to determining the ideal collar. You know best how your dog behaves and can therefore very well assess which category your dog fits into.

  • Reserved, petite or very small breeds

Particularly light collars that have little weight but are still robust and stable are ideal for this. Take a look at our rope collars and explore the range.

  • Playful, lively, dynamic

Our collars from the Biothane Sports collection reflect the agility and sportiness of your four-legged friend. Perfect & firm fit with multiple adjustability and a sporty accent for dynamism & freshness.

  • Impatient, leash puller and ready to learn

Who does not know it? We have the solution for that. The more pulling force there is on the collar, the better the collar should be designed for it. We offer slightly wider collars for every dog ​​size, which are able to distribute the pulling force evenly across the collar and still look great at the same time. Discover our Biothane x Paracord collars in sizes XXS to XXL .

  • "Try it with coziness" - the casual leash walker

Then show your dog that the collar is at least as casual as walking on a leash. With our pull stop collars you can give this casualness and freedom back to your dog.

Conclusion: The correct collar for your dog

The ideal dog collar fuses qualitative, aesthetic and functional aspects into a harmonious overall picture that meets the specific requirements and nature of your dog. It becomes a reliable companion that maintains a harmonious balance of safety and freedom, emphasizing your animal's personality and supporting you in responsible leadership and care.

Pay attention to the correct fit and do not underestimate this when choosing and ordering. We will be happy to help you determine the correct neck circumference measurement for your dog and provide suitable instructions.

What are pull stop collars?

Our special pull stop collars allow for gentle control over your dog without putting uncomfortable pressure on the neck. Ideal for stress-free leash management and harmonious walks, but also sometimes used by dog ​​owners for training purposes.

The principle behind the pull stop collar is as simple as it is ingenious: it contracts gently when your dog pulls on the leash and loosens again when the pull is relaxed. This signals to the dog that pulling is uncomfortable, but without causing him pain or discomfort. The correct adjustment and fit is particularly important to ensure that your dog is not only safe but also comfortable. We offer all of our pull-stop collars with a secure pull-stop limiter, so that your dog's neck cannot be tied off even when the leash is pulled and he is always protected by a flexibly adjustable limit.

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