B-stock collar webbing x paracord

PVC webbing
Handcrafted to order
€36,49 €47,49

exkl. shipping costs

  • 38-48cm Halsumfang

  • Langlebig & Robust

  • Multiple adjustable

  • Breites Halsband

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Safe & Reliable
Stylish appearance thanks to the combination of several colors
Pressure-relieving nylon paracord ropes for comfortable carrying
Waterproof \u0026 robust material
Es handelt sich hierbei um ein B-Waren-Produkt
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Product description

B-goods dog collar

PVC webbing collar red-blue

What does B-goods mean to us?
For us, B-goods are items that can no longer be sold as new due to one or more defects. We point out in the description of each product why it is offered as B-stock.
The reasons can be varied, but none that would affect the safety or the basic quality & stability of the material.

Most of the time there are the following reasons:
  • Dimensions are not correct / in between sizes
  • Scratches in the material
  • Quality assurance not passed (e.g. due to minor optical defects)
  • Manufacturing defects (cosmetic defects in the material)
  • Unused returns that can no longer be sold as new

Specific defect/reason

  • Very small mini-scratches in the area of ​​the buckle strap, barely visible.

    Product description

    ✓ High quality
    ✓ Super wide
    ✓ Multiple adjustments

    Width: 25-35mm
    Neck circumference: 38 - 48cm

    Pin buckle: rose gold
    Buckle Strap/Ropes: Black, Tan/Gold-Brown
    Neck circumference: 38 - 48cm, 6-way adjustable in 2cm increments

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    Product Material:

      Avoid these mistakes

      1. Dog was lying there
      2. It was not measured closely
      3. Measure your own on an existing collar
      4. Estimates & inaccurate readings
      5. The majority tends to measure too generously

      Measure correctly

      Measure neck circumference

      1. Get the dog to “stand” or “sit”.
      2. Place a flexible tape measure at the collar point
        (alternatively: cord/thread/shoelaces)
      3. Pull the tape measure tightly
        Note: Do not use the famous “two-finger buffer rule.” Make sure you measure snugly.
      4. Read the value (or measure the length if using a cord). We recommend carrying out another test measurement.
      5. Note the note below about adding a “feel-good buffer.”
      With a tight rope collar
      💡 Please do not add a buffer . We automatically manufacture your rope collar with a 2cm buffer. So just enter your measurement result.

      With any other adjustable collar
      You can add another 1-2cm buffer and then determine the size you need and select accordingly in the product.

      If your size overlaps with another size (e.g. M and L), we recommend choosing the larger one. It is also possible to make an intermediate size. To do this, select the “larger” one in the product and write your desired intermediate size in the note field in the shopping cart.
      Do you want to be 100% sure?
      Download our collar templates and use them to check one of your existing collars.
      PDF download button
      True-to-size templates that can be printed out for comparison to the existing collar.

      Measure head circumference

      1. Get the dog to “stand” or “sit”.
      2. Place a flexible measuring tape around the widest part of the head - often directly in front of the beginning of the ears
        (alternatively: rope/cord/thread/shoelace)
      3. Tape measure tight pull
      4. Read/mark value, carry out test measurement if necessary - round up decimal values

      💡 If you use a tape measure alternative such as string, thread, shoelaces, you can then measure the marked length on the string with a ruler.

      Picture instructions for measuring dog neck and head circumference

      If it is slightly dirty, you can simply hold the product under running water. If it is very dirty, it can also be washed in the washing machine or by hand at a gentle cycle of 30°C. To do this, use a laundry bag/laundry net so that your drum remains protected from the hard metal.

      Hand washing also works very well and is usually quicker. Simply prepare a tub/bucket with warm water and some detergent and let them bathe for 5-10 minutes. If necessary, help gently with a lint-free cloth/rag. This is even gentler & our recommendation.

      Depending on the color, the paracord ropes can give off some color and contract a little during the first wash. This is completely normal and only happens the first time you wash it.

      In general, avoid:

      - Water solutions containing salt (e.g. dishwasher tab)

      - Fabric softener

      - Aggressive cleaning agents


      Dry roughly with a lint-free cloth and then let it air dry. Avoid heating, hairdryers and dryers.

      • How are the paracord ropes attached?

      Using a special braiding technique, the ropes are securely attached to the Biothane/webbing material. The rope ends are welded together.

      • Can the ropes break over time?

      No - Our paracords come from the USA and partly the EU. The paracords are manufactured in US Army quality and sometimes even from the same manufacturer. Paracord ropes are already very tear-resistant as standard. We can therefore rule out any tearing.

      • I have a special color request, can I swap the color?

      If you don't like the color, we can always implement your color request. You will find a download link to our color palette in the side bar menu or in the footer of the shop. There you can look at all the paracord colors and then write to us. (WhatsApp or email)

      • What is the difference between Biothane® & PVC webbing?

      Basically just the manufacturer & little things about the “recipe”. PVC webbing is the “EU” product and Biothane® is the patented “original” from the USA. Anyone looking for a Biothane product will usually be satisfied with the PVC webbing. We can offer both. Biothane® has a slightly softer, more rubbery coating.

      • What is a paracord rope anyway?

      A paracord consists of 32 braided threads in the rope sheath and 7 threads in the core of the rope. It is made of 100% nylon and is one of the high-quality yarns.

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